Friend Zone is a YFM song.
Friend Zone

Lyrics Edit

I like this girl so much

She's always on my mind We have an awesome time we never crossed the line she doesn't wanna mess up the friendship "friendsies" I am in a frenzy cause my bedrooms' empty and i am gently trying to win her over by being as a good as a friend as i can be but shes skeptical and riddled with doubt, friend zone is like the mafia you'll never get out

She doesn't the half in my wallet keep her photograph i've made my decision for yoyu baby girl i'd change religions cause in your eyes i see heaven baby i think about you 24/7 so before the story ends i wanna know can we be more than friends

I put my hands up in the air try to act like i dont care but tonight i am all alone because now I am in the friend zone

I'm in the friend zone(3x)

Now i'm in the friend zone

I got the blues when I'm knockin the boots were talking gossip news and shopping for shoes, I hate it when you make me watch sex and city till the day ends i am not your gay friend, but i'll do it just to get next to you and show you I can best the rest of the dudes cause when were not together i am probably texting you

Baby girl you make me the maddest I just wanna change my facebook status to in a relationship but its complicated, well your making it hard for me cause i just cant stay away(3x)


I know you dont notice but theres no excuse to date that other guy he is a total