Santa Hates Poor Kids

Santa Hates Poor Kids is the 22nd song released by Your Favorite Martian. It was released on December 7, 2011, likely to tie in with the holidays.


Ray: I really hate it that my family's poor!
I really wish I was a rich kid
'cause they always get
all the pimped gifts for Christmas.

Did I get a new Xbox? Fat chance!
While Billy gets a new pony and a lap dance.
Plus a treehouse mansion and a jet ski.
How the hell did he get a Pterodactyl?
DJ: Gets me!

Ray:I thought Christmas was awesome, on and poppin'
'til Jane got a slave and Google stock options.
And I don't think you understand
how it feels to see another kid
roll up in his Bently Power Wheels
like, "Look at my new wheels, Santa just bought it.
He didn't get you nothing
'cause your mom's an alcoholic!

He's right I got some underwear
used by my brother
I'm like Oliver Twist, "Please may I have another?"

I opened up a present
and found an eviction notice!
Man, fuck you, Santa!
We're spending Christmas with the homeless!

Puff and Deejay

"'Cause Santa only hangs with the rich"

Benatar: Santa must hate the poor kids...
'Cause Santa only hangs with the rich
Santa hates poor kids!
Santa hates poor kids!
And if you ain't got money then he ain't comin'.
Nothing under your tree tonight!