This is the official page for the official YourFavoriteMartian Wiki rules. Before editing/creating an article or leaving a message on a talk page, you must read all of the rules. Failure to follow them will get you blocked.

NOTE: ALL USERS must read this!

Rules Edit

General Edit

  1. No advertising innappropriate images and/or videos, including pornography, unless the images/videos are from YFM music videos or YFMTS webisodes. This is the most important rule.
  2. No asking for admin rights. Admins choose if you can be admin or not.

Article Editing/CreatingEdit

  1. Vandalism is absolutely not allowed. This is very simple.
  2. Do not plagiarize. In most cases, this is illegal. Although, you can use what a website says but make it in your own words.
  3. No pornography/nude images is allowed unless it is contained in an official YFM music video or YFMTS webisodes. Any pictures that contain inappropriatness will be removed from the article.
  4. Do not add any information that has nothing to do with YFM unless you are making a reference.
  5. Do not add any opinions in any articles.
  6. Make sure you use proper English and grammar.
  7. Do not use article pages as a chat page.


  1. Do not harass or abuse other users.
  2. No spamming in user's talk page.
  3. Do not complain about being banned from Chat, unless if you have a reasonable reason.
  4. No types of threats are allowed.
  5. Do not send malicious links to anyone, especially links to pornography and profanitive images.
  6. Make sure you used proper English.
  7. Do not use all caps.


  1. No bashing or harassing users.
  2. Don't advertise porn. Most users get disgusted by it. YFM/YFMTS porn is allowed though as they censor it.
  3. Don't link other chats unless it is an important matter.
  4. No spamming on chat.
  5. No discrimination against users.


  1. No spam comments on blog posts or articles.
  2. No harassment.

Rules for Users with rightsEdit

  1. Obviously follow all rules above.
  2. No abusing power.
  3. If you are inactive for 1 month, you may get demoted unless it is for a good reason or if it is a hiatus.
  4. No changing the design without a Head Admin or Founder's permission.
  5. Make and keep the rules fair.

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